Laminating and Block-mounting

Laminating is a cost effective way to protect your posters, maps, CAD drawings... then mount them to a rigid backing.

laminated and mounted

laminated and mounted

Hot and Cold-press Laminating

Hot and Cold-press Laminating



Laminate and mount onto foam board or mdf board

Block-mount onto Foamboard

Block-mount onto Foamboard

A low cost way of getting your posters protected and up on the wall

Block-mount onto mdf board

Block-mount onto mdf board

Matte laminates reduce glare


-  Cold Pressed (single sided). Up to 100cm wide. Matte or gloss finish. 

-  Hot Pressed (both sides). Up to 100cm wide. Gloss only.



Mount onto either high density foamboard or the more traditional MDF board.


Block Frame

Once laminated and mounted, pieces can be finished off with a simple 20mm frame. With no need for glass, this keeps pieces light. It is a cost effective way to present maps and office, workshop or movie posters.



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